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Returned my device to stock from root.


Android Enthusiast
Jan 5, 2012
San Luis Obispo, CA
I can say that I noticed 0 difference in either speed, or battery life. The speed and snappiness of the device is practically the same, and the battery life is unchanged. I still average 4.5 hours on average with pretty heavy use.

I have to say I'm feeling a bit miffed. Prior to rooting my device, major advantages of doing so were supposedly "If you root your device you can delete the bloatware, which takes up space, slows your phone down, and drains your battery faster".

The only difference for me is that my wallet is now lighter. I was charged 25 dollars initially to root the device and install a custom rom/boot animation 2 months ago, and yesterday when I was stuck in a boot loop I was charged 35 to fix that problem-hence my decision to return the phone to stock. A technically unsaavy person such as myself really has no business having a rooted device.

I should have just taken the 60 dollars and just applied that toward the cost of a newer phone.

Anyway, that ends my little rant. when I get a new phone soon, I seriously doubt I will have it routed. The potential to screw something up-which I cannot fix- and potentially be taken advantage of is just too great.


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