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Revoke/Unrevoke Access Twitter App - Now Blocked Out


Jul 4, 2013
I was having issues receiving Twitter notifications, so after doing a Google search, one resolution was go into your Twitter settings via web > Apps > Revoke/Unrevoke Access to the Android Twitter app.

I never thought that this would totally block me out from logging in via my Twitter Android app since you could simply click Unrevoke, and reverse it. Apparently that's not the case because every time I try to log in now after entering my Twitter user name and password I get, "An error occurred when logging in. Please try again later."

Already did a web search to see if I could resolve this, but all the solutions that were given didn't work. One of the solutions given, which would probably correct it, is uninstalling the Twitter app, and then re-installing it again, however the Twitter app in the HTC One (M8) cannot be uninstalled (only uninstall updates, which won't help me). I also sent a ticket of my issue to Twitter support, but of course I have not heard back from them yet, and who knows if they'll even be able to give me the solution.

Thank you for any help with this, I would really like to use the Twitter app again, and not have to resort to any third-party ones.

The only other thing I can think of would be to sign out of and back into Twitter online, but you probably tried that too.

Hopefully someone else has better ideas. I'd hate to be Twitter-less.

I use Tweetings, in case you want to try something else :)

edit: Tweetcaster in nice too. lol

Thanks Clementine. I REALLY wish I could use my Twitter app again. I have heard some good things about Tweetcaster, which is free, but I just looked at Tweetings in Google Play and it's $3.99, so it better be good for that price Lol.

I really do like Twitter's application, and I hope I can get this resolved somehow, but I guess I'll have to use something else in the meantime if I don't want to be Twitterless on my device Lol.

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