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revoking permissions

I'm getting into figuring out which permissions I can and cannot revoke on different applications. Anybody have any tried and true advice on good permissions to revoke on different apps? Ones that you may be familiar with that I'm not, that could speed up my learning curve?

I guess for me if I have to revoke permissions on my rom on a app I just delete it.....:)
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There is an app on play store I use to revoke permissions on an app by app basis called permissions denied (I use the pro version). I use it for apps like Red Laser (a good bar code scanner) which wants permissions to access contacts, and I don't want that. Now for removing permissions you have to be careful, apps can be broken by removing permissions that the aapp actually needs to run. There is no set list of permissions that are okay to remove. A permission revoked on one app may be fine, but when the same is done to a different app may break that app.

When I say be careful, I mean it. You can mess up your phone doing this to system apps. This can make your phone unstable or worse.
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I revoke a few permissions, but I mainly use Auto Start Manager in ROM Toolbox to stop processes instead. I go through and stop any widgets that I don't use, disable friend reporting in Maps, disable anything with analytics, and any other processes I don't use or don't want to start automatically... It is much safer than revoking permissions. Really extends battery life as well.
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