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Rezound slow lately? Throttling back data on VZ?


Dec 28, 2009
Lately I have noticed my internet is extremely slow on my Rezound. I just did a speed test in a good 4g network with "5" bars of service & got 1002k download with 3306 upload, best upload speed in a long time. My last three tests since March average 1k down & 1k up. In Feb I was doing 2k down & 1k up. Pages are taking a really long time to load, is Verizon throttling back internet or is the Rezound slow lately? I have unlimited Data, text & phone FWIW.
What websites are you visiting? Ive noticed this website is somewhat slow on the Rezound. I personally blame the ads. I have yet to find a good browser that can handle the 4g speeds of verizon's network. Try deleting your browsing history, clearing your cache and rebooting your phone.

I'm willing to bet that the data is bottlenecking on the phone, not the network.
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