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Help RF Band Selection

Hi all,

Been lurking around forums for awhile and have also been helped and taught greatly by the discussions. Just became a member recently and this is my first post.

So I was flashing a couple of roms from CM 10.1 to stock android mod but noticed I couldn't get to the hidden menu *#2263# screen that I had with my default AT&T Samsung touchwiz that let me choose which LTE band to latch on to. I'm assuming this is because this is because all the roms are AOSP-based.

I was wondering if there was a hidden menu option for AOSP-based roms that had the same functionality as *#2263# (only available in touchwiz/Samsung base where you can choose specific LTE bands) instead of just the *#*#4636#*#* (where you can only choose which network but not the exact band) or if there are any apps out there that have this option of choosing a specific LTE frequency band.

I'm in this weird situation where we're testing only the LTE network of our provider and want to block off other fallbacks, etc..

Thanks for any feedback and suggestions.


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