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Help Right Side Of Screen Freezing Up

I have the Virgin Mobile Wildfire S. When I wake the phone up to use and after sliding down the unlock bar, the right side of the screen is frozen up. I push on the buttons and nothing happens. When I press a button on the left or the middle and then go back and try the ones on the right then they will open. Very strange and frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have returned this phone 4 times already due t it not charging when turned off (it still wont) and now this problem....help!!!
Well I have taken the phone back yet again and now when i wake the phone from sleep the first and third row of apps is frozen when I press on them. I have to be the unluckiest person in the world!!! How can I be the only one having this issue!!!! Radio Shack said they wont take this phone back anymore (I cant say I blame them)...I just dont know what to do...I know if I contact Virgin Mobile they well send me a refurbished phone.....ugh!!!
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