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Help ringtones and notification sounds.

Hello welcome to the forums. I see your having a problem with android device and the ringtones . May i ask have you made personal tones for contacts or notification if so you will need to change all back to default . If that will help . But if you fell you want to make songs and other sounds as ringtones and notification you can try these apks . You download the mp3 ,ogg or etc to your sd card . This app will allow you to pick certain parts of the song or sounds to make as a ringtone or notification .


This app will allow you to make any sound on the device as a ringtone or notification and alarms . This app is simple to use just open app draw and set the ringtone and backout .to app draw and select anything from mms apk notification sounds it will change just select the folder .

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Does anyone else's commando lte make up its own ringtones and notification sounds? I set the ones I want and through out the day it will go back and forth to the factory preset ones and the ones I pick. Kind of annoying.

I feel like mine is doing this too. And it sometimes does not use the custom tones for some of my contacts. Everyone phone has it's bugs I guess.
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If you are storing your custom ringtones on the external SD card you will have all kinds of problems. Try moving them to the internal one, or if you are rooted you can move them to the system side. That path is system>media>audio>ringtones...

I'm using a bell telephone ringer for my ringtone, and the French train station announcement tone for notifications. Both are written to the internal SD and they work without fail.
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Strange... I haven't had any issues using ringtones and notifications that reside on my external SD card. Well I have had issues, but the issues are that this phone seems to play everything at a different volume than my previous phones... and this is just a matter of me not having adjusted it right. But it has never "forgotten" the ringtones, and I don't have any 3rd party ringtone managers.
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