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Help Ripping CDs on Windows 7 Album Art and Android

I was wondering if someone could help me, I am having a bit of bother since getting a new PC with Windows 7 on it. When I used my Windows Vista enabled PC, I used to rip my CDs with Windows Media Player and then embedded the album art work with Media Monkey. Everything worked fine, I would transfer the music to my Xperia Play and my PS3, the album artwork for the music would be displayed when I browsed through my music or played it on the PS3 and my Xperia Play.

However, since getting my new Windows 7 PC, I've come into a few problems. I rip my new CDs with Windows Media Player 12, and it would embed the artwork for me and it would show up as Windows icons. I thought this was great as I wouldn't have to do it with Media Monkey. Unfortunately, this has meant that the artwork now refused to show up on my PS3 or Xperia Play after I transferred them to the respective devices. I have tried to add the artwork using Media Monkey again, but whilst Media Monkey puts the art work on no problems, after I've transferred the music to my phone or PS3, the music still does not display its art-work. Would anyone be able to help me rectify this problem? Thanks in advance.


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