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[ROM][5/18/2010] Ic3Rom v2.6.3 - Super Fast - AOSP Look - JIT Enabled - Friend Stream


May 16, 2010
Hello, everyone. After a long few days of putting a rom together, I finally think I have a stable rom that is actually very nice and fast. It is based off Damage Control v2.08.1 and I also took the launcher.apk from MatrixROM and the rotary vanilla lockscreen. I will be posting screenshots soon and updating this thread and cleaning it up because it's been a long night. I just wanted to share so I could get some comments on it tomorrow morning.


Times are rough around my place, I normally do not ask for donations but it would greatly help me and my family out. Thanks to everyone who supports ic3rom!


v2.6.3 - Updated 5/16/2010
- Added better music.apk
- Added better email.apk
- New bootanimation
- New Calculator icon
- Of course its even FASTER!
v2.6 - Updated 5/10/2010
- Now based off of the latest Damagecontrol
- Latest AP2SD
- Latest JIT
- Latest Dconfig
- New Calendar Icon
- Fixed USB Icon
- New Dialer
- Added Albums just incase
- Zipalign on first boot
- Fixed the bannedapps.conf
v2.5.3 - Updated 5/4/2010
- Removed HTC Camera
- Removed Keyboard
- Removed Mail
- Added AOSP Music
- Added AOSP eMail
- Added AOSP Camera
- Added Android KB
- Added AOSP Dialer
- Every Update = Faster!!
- Size Cut Down
v2.5 - Updated 5/3/2010
- Now based off of Damage Control 2.08 instead of 2.07.2
- Updated JIT
- Updated Ap2sd
- Added DConfig
- Added HTC Camera
- Added Friend Stream
- Updated Facebook App
- Removed IM
- Removed AOSP Camera
- Fixed Wakelock
- Fixed Data Issue
- Tweaked to be super fast!
- Better Battery Life
- Improved Performance
- Most Stable
V2.3 - Updated 4/29/2010
- Modded Kernel ( Thanks to mrinehart93 =] )
- New Keyboard
- Fixed the USB Icon, No more black background.
- Wallpapers removed from being installed to sdcard ( Most people should have them)
- Updated JIT
- New GUI App from trevE
- Removed AOSP Dialer ( Need to find a newer AOSP before I want to put it in)
- Even FASTER!!
V2.2 - Updated 4/27/2010
- New Bootscreen!
- Gallery Works Now
- JIT enabled ( Thanks trevE)
- GUI App from trevE.
- Ap2sd
- Fixed Alarm Issue
- NEW Rotary Lockscreen ( Thanks to JsChiSurf)
- Wallpapers copy to sdcard in a folder named Wallpapers ( Thanks mrinehart93)
- Removed both clocks, replaced with the fixed Clock
- Removed Stocks, and other useless apps.
v2.1 - Updated 4/25/2010
- Syncs email, and facebook FASTER!
- Added Gallery
- Removed LiveWallpapers ( If you want they are around the forums I'm but you would need to add Open GL for them to stick)
- Launcher now has 4 icons per row, and background. (Thanks to mrinehart93, hope you don't mind stole! )
- Removed Stock
- Removed HTC Wallpapers ( Sorry if you need them, but they just take up space for me. Though i will add the default one here)
- Removed Autokiller ( Download newer version from market)
- Tested with new baseband, better battery life for sure!

v2.0.4 - Updated 4/18/2010
- Faster Performance
- Added Sprint Visual Voice Mail
- Fixed two Keyboard problems.
- Minor Tweaks
- Size cut down
- Removed Gallery
V2.0 - Updated 4/17/2010
- Even Faster!
- Added AutoKiller
- Added Android KB
- Fixed the gallery problem again
- Minor tweaks
- Usless Applications removed.

V1.1 - Updated 4/15/2010
- Cut down size
- New Camera ( Thanks to darch)
- New Music Application
- Super FAST!
- Kernel .29
- Facebook Sync's ALOT Faster!
- Removed useless apps
- Fixed Rosie Utility FC!
- Fixed Gallery

V1.0 - Updated 4/14/2010
- New AOSP Dialer ( Thanks to Darch and Kykiskly)
- New Email, and Calculator (Thanks to Kykiskly)
- Added SpareParts ( Change animations and transitions to fast)
- Rosie Utility Still Needs Fixed ( Anyone Help)
- Removed Peoples.apk ( No Need for Two Contact Lists)
- Minor Tweaks Fixed
- Cut Down (Faster Boot, and Performance)
- Test out the Swype Keyboard, Works Flawlessly On Here!!

V0.6 - Updated 4/13/2010
-More tweaking
-Fixed lived wallpapers with the update from MagnusRagnarok ( Should stick now)
-Dialer (From Matrix)
-More Stable

v0.5 - Updated 4/12/2010
-Removed Rosie ( Still get error at startup about Rosie Utility.
-Got Facebook for HTC Sense to sync with contact list.
-Icons ( From matrix rom)
-Cool default_wallpaper
-Live Backgrounds ( If it doesn't stick get the update from the forums.)
-Also has 3D Gallery
-Updated some applications
-Removed usless applications
-New boot.img from Damagecontrol
-Minor tweaks to make it run faster

I would like to thank Damagless, Kykiskly , Darch, Matrix, trevE, JsChiSurf and mrinehart93 and everyone that has helped them, so if you were listed in there posts you have my respect here as you do others.
I would also like to thank Austin for helping me test out my ROM.
And thanks to venumx, and Rsoehelk for making the logos! =]
Bikcmp for the hosting! =]
Please no rude comments, and tell me what you guys think.

If you brick your phone it is not anyones fault but yours. I've tested this rom all day and works fine.

To Enable JIT, First change the wallpaper then enable JIT. ( I don't know why but it works!)

Downloads: Ic3Rom v2.6.3[/URL]


Tell me what you think


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