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Root [Rom Info] Flight Feathers 4.1.1 for ELF 2 and Aurora 2 + Flame by feiyu


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Jun 28, 2012
Translated by google translator (from Chinese)
lifeiyu's post below download/other links taken out by me the source below is where you'll find them
[ROM] Wizard 2 / Aurora 2 / flames 4.11 flight feathers since the compiled version of the 0103 update flames 0110

The last Posts by lifeiyu 2013-1-10 20:52 In Edit​

In fact, I have a the m6 source of other models, but the problem is a lot of sophistication is not too high, if I use this, then you need to use a lot of time and effort to modify and improve the code, so has no hands, would like to have aml side improved and updated code, but unfortunately has been also did not wait for, but had no choice but to yourself, is the end of things more so to revise and improve the progress of the code can not be considered until the holiday these days considered completed, which is by far the most energy consumption time, although some late can be regarded to a late New Year's Day gift. Strictly speaking, this firmware to be considered personal first m6 dual-core 4.1 firmware before transplant from official firmware, not too many personal things.

Update: (as opposed to the official firmware)
* Based entirely on the modified source code to compile
* Full language support
* Recompile the kernel, fix the problem of low charging parameters
* Proportion of amendments video, increase cifs support
* Increased usb handle support, usb card support
* Increase cp210x module pl2303 module supports
* Increased pppoe module tun module supports
* Rom area capacity 2g
* Solve the problem of sonic boom
* Integration with root privileges
* Start the optimization
* Add wifi switch notification bar
* Added cpu mode setting options
* The volume button on the status bar, and the percentage of power optional
* Home key change short back long home
* Power menu reboot and full-screen mode switch
* Fixed disable screen rotation lock screen still rotate bug
* Achieve a completely full-screen, not the application below there are black bars or gray bars
* Full-screen gestures to call up the status bar, each call up the display for five seconds
* Gestures bring up the status bar to close
* Own player subtitles enhancements
The * Google play shops compatibility improved
* Some default changes and parameter optimization

System and user partition size has changed, it is recommended that all perform under 3wipe operations brush and brush, in order to avoid problems


Wizard: elf2_jb_0103_by_feiyu.rar Size:201.06M Date:2013-1-3 20:08

Aurora 2: aurora2_jb_0103_by_feiyu.rar Size:201.07M Date:2013-1-4 09:28

Wizard 2 / the Aurora 2 upgrade patch:
* Upgrade the cpu voltage to improve stability
* Update gpu driver
* Improve wifi connection effect
* Touch-driven optimization
* Fixed voice search fc
* Wifi settings is always connected, off-screen can stay connected

Wizard 2 patch:
elf2-0103-update.zip Size:7.8M Date:2013-1-6 20:35

Aurora 2 patch: aurora2-0103-update.zip Size:7.8M Date:2013-1-6 21:32

* Supports two types of gravity sensors
* Fixed voice search fc
* Wifi settings is always connected, off-screen can stay connected
* Use an enhanced version of the camera program

* Light sensor does not work, do not like do brush

Chi Mei screen: fire_jb_0103_qm_by_feiyu.rar Size:202.71M Date:2013-1-6 10:28

Tianma screen: fire_jb_0103_tm_by_feiyu.rar Size:202.71M Date:2013-1-6 14:44

3G network card patch: fire-0103-3g-patch.zip (140.94 KB Downloads: 384)

Flames 0110:
* Update code and library files
* Fix some known issues
* Enhance the fluency of Need for Speed ​​17 other games
* Intermittent repair Need for Speed ​​17 games such as background music
* 0110 automatically Brush, clears the built-in flash memory file, please note that the backup

Chi Mei screen 0110: fire_4.11_by_feiyu_(0110)_qm.rar Size:189.5M Date:2013-1-10 20:48

Full-screen switch: a key to toggle full screen
ToggleBar.apk (12.59 KB Downloads: 744)









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