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Root ROM Install question

I recently rooted my phone and have been trying new ROMS and seeing what worked best on my phone. My latest ROM is the Halloween themed LFY 1.8 I like it and it works pretty awesome. I want to try the new LFY 1.8 without the Halloween theme. I downloaded the new one and when I try to install it the phone sticks on the Motorola symbol. I flashed clockwork mod recovery. What am I missing? Another side question when I go to install a kernal do I just install it the same was as a rom? Same thing for a theme?

I really appreciate all of the help I have received from everyone on this forum.

Thanks in advance for everyones help.
Installing ROMs, kernels, and themes are all done in recovery. With Clockworkmod Recovery, just put the .zip on your sd, navigate to it, and click install. ALWAYS BACKUP!!!!

As for the ROM, if you have wiped cache and data and still cannot install it, you may need to flash something else first. Try flashing a different ROM and then try flashing LFY. If that still doesn't work, chances are that your droid doesn't like it and you are not going to be able to use it.

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