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Root ROM Manager Premium

These types of apps *generally* work well on nexus devices, but I'll always advise people against using apps that attempt to automate recovery options.

The problem is they don't always work, and that can leave inexperienced people with a phone in a bootloop and no knowledge on how to recover.

As long as you know how to do things manually from recovery or fastboot you should be alright... I guess what I'm trying to say is use it as a tool to make your life easier, but don't rely on it as the only method. :)
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I am not finding files. I am plugged into PC. I see Nexus 5/Internal Storage.
Now where are the backup files?

If you are using TWRP

Open internal storage, and navigate to TWRP/Backups/Folder with a lot of numbers and letters in it's name/ There are your Nandroid backups. Helps if you gave them descriptive names.

CWM, I have no idea, but should be similar.
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