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Root [ROM] NS4G ICS JesterROM

Didn't want to leave this site out since I started back in my OG days here but I have been working on a ROM for the NS4G using it as my daily driver. It's a mix of Pete's BB and some custom work including removal of almost all ICS Blue. I have replaced it with Red instead and done some other tweaks in a few spots and have more in the works.

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Update Notes:
V3.0 - 3/23/2012
Notification toggles are live
Changed MMS app and Icon to a color more in line with the ROM
Application updates such as books and market
LTE and 2G Toggle support in Phone App
Mark all as read added to email
Browser home button added and bookmarks added to menu
Improvements to help booting times

V1.0 - 2/3/2012
Faster Boot Times
Better MKV Playback
Included 4.0.4 Proprietaries
Apps Updates

V0.9 - 1/26/2012
Finished settings package color changes. Starting work on next package.
Started working through Original NS build to verify color and compatibility.

V0.8 - 1/25/2012
Contacts Changed to use new red and a few minor tweaks elsewhere.

V0.7 - 1/24/2012
A lot more of the ICS Blue has gone including most places on the launcher as well
Stock Launcher2 minor changes.

V0.6 - 1/21/2012
Started changing from ICS Blue to Red
Included Nova Launcher Beta 13 as a choice for launcher

V0.5 - 1/13/2012
Added Koush's free tether to the build
More minor color changes
Added Webkit fix from AOSP.
Fresh pull of AOSP with some minor changes.

V0.4 - 1/11/2012
Minor changes
Modified ota to change name build
Application updates (Maps and Google+)
Moved lib since it is not related to Face Lock (From Pete's changes)
180 degree hardware rotation

Merged In new power menu and some other fixes for ICS found around github.
Wallet is working wipe Dalvik.
Started work on adding twopointtwo theme/fonts should be available within the next few builds.

Compiled from Peter Alfonso's Repo which is a mix of AOSP and his work.
Recovery no longer replaced because of this.
Wallet has known FC issues and will be the first thing addressed in the next release.

Compiled using AOSP 4.0.3_r1
First build completely from source nothing added.
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