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Root ROM Poll - again (more options)

Which ROM is your favorite??

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Jul 19, 2010
Planet Earth
Ok so someone asked in another thread for a poll of all the ROMs available for the DX to help n00bs in their decision making process. I know we recently just had a poll but it wasn't very specific. After you vote please post a quick reply on what you like about the ROM, what you don't like, and any MAJOR bugs. Although, if you vote for a ROM and it has a lot of bugs I don't know why it would be your favorite. . . whatever floats your boat I guess. I have not tried all the ROMs so asking questions in this thread is not guaranteeing an answer. Others may answer your question but don't count on it. The best way to get an question answered is by posting it in the thread that that ROM calls 'home'. If we don't have a thread about it go ahead and post the question if Google or the search function can't help you. I tried to make the list as inclusive and wide ranging as possible. Lets say that each ROM represents the most current version.

Below is a list of hyperlinks that will take you to the main thread for the ROM. Caution:: some of the ROMs don't have a large home here so the link is to another forum. These forums may not be as friendly as we are so post with care.
Simply Stunning X
Rubix Focused
Rubix Blurry
Liberty @ DF
Liberty here @ AF
Zapx, Lexington, Lex lite can be found at the DEV's website.
can't find FlyX's home
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Ive done some searching and cant find anything in the droid X section. Does anyone wanna get a poll going on what you think is the best ROM? Or if anyone would put some opinions of their favorite ROM and why?

I havent been using my Droid X for a while because work gave me a company phone but now i'm back to the Droid =) I see theres alot of ROMs out there and rather than trying a bunch to see what I like, I thought this would be a good place to figure out what the most popular ROMs are.
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I really enjoy Liberty but I am no fan of liberty's dialer or dialer one for that matter. I also think that Apex very very good. both of these roms are excellent performers and stable I prefer Liberty for the custom tool box other than that I like Apex.

I ran Tranq3.6 for about 3 weeks I got quite a few reboots during that time but overall I liked the rom that being said I have not tried Tranq3.7

So there is my confusing answer

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I have been rooted for about a week and a half and I first tried Apex 1.3.1, then Dark Slide 4.2, and now I am on Liberty 1.0. I ran all of these ROM's with zero problems at all. My favorite is DarkSlide. I simply like the look of it, but at the same time, you cannot really customize it much...i.e. since it is already heavily themed, there are no themes for the DarkSlide ROM. I am currently running Liberty 1.0 with the Dark Android Theme and I really like it.

To pick one of these as the top ROM would be difficult, simply because I think they are all great ROM's. You just need to load each one and get everything installed just like you like it and then make your bootstrap X nadroid recovery image and then install the next ROM. Try them and play with them and see which one you like the best.

Apex and Liberty seem to have a lot of third party add-ons and themes, where DarkSlide does not...so that could be a factor for you.
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I will go first.

I chose Liberty since it seems to run the fastest on my phone. I love the liberty toolbox since you can do so much with it. You can even add SOME blur back into it. I have nothing bad to say about this ROM. I haven't had any issues really. Other than the Devs being teases when they say 1.5 is around the corner. No bugs from me.
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not bashing liberty in anyway. it was a great rom. but my phone didnt agree with it. FC in market. screen would go black while making calls then reboot and a few random reboots, lag on wakeup/unlock. . like i said. its a great rom it must have just been my phone.

always had the best luck with rubix
That sucks man that liberty didn't work out for you.
Maybe try 1.5 over an SBF when it comes out.
Aggie you gave up Fission too huh? lol
haha Well I like to have the latest and greatest lol. Fission was awesome and I stuck with it for quite some time. Liberty is just better. IMO.
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I voted Apex. However, I would like to have voted for Liberty.. We'll see with Liberty 1.5.

I've had issues with the market just disappearing on Liberty, as well as I'd like to use HDMI. Which, Liberty doesn't seem to support.

Actually, Apex only is able to support HDMI if you enable the Moto Blur version of the Gallery app. Curious, if installing it on Liberty will work as well?
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That sucks man that liberty didn't work out for you.
Maybe try 1.5 over an SBF when it comes out.

haha Well I like to have the latest and greatest lol. Fission was awesome and I stuck with it for quite some time. Liberty is just better. IMO.

I have to agree with Aggie on this one.....I was a long time Fission supporter, but there haven't really been any significant updates to Fission in a while....at least for now, Liberty is for me :D
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