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Root [ROM/Theme] MIUI Port-ish to MT [Files updated 9/11!]


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Sep 2, 2011
Yeah, it happened :)
Based on Tickerguy's 9/10 CM7 build
Definitely a work in progress. But also very amazing! Read all below (BOLD means updated from last build)

What's included?
MIUI Camera
MIUI Gallery
MIUI Music player
Theme chooser theme
2 new launchers
Transparent statusbar
Widgetlocker themes
All on the sweet gingerbread :D

Things needed to be worked on...
Most likely the app icons.
More apps
MIUI sms
Installation Instructions!
1. Flash MIUIumph.zip in recovery
2. Flash gapps
3. Reboot
4. Go through usual startup...
5. Choose your launcher (delete the one you won't use)
6. Go to app launcher, then theme chooser.
7. Choose MIUI theme
8. Download sd card files.zip and extract to root of sd card.
9. Now the pictures magically showed up in your gallery! Whoa..

Also: PLEASE follow installation steps on Tickerguy's CM7 build if you are having problems.

Installing Transparent Status Bar
1. Make sure the files in sdcardfiles.zip are extracted onto the root of sd card.
2. reboot into CWM
3. Flash the "patch.zip" from the file
4. reboot.
5. download "Multipicture live wallpaper" from the android market
6. run that live wallpaper
7. transparency should work

MIUIumph2 (9/11/11)[SMS fix!]: http://www.mediafire.com/?aee2mekexwp76zg
[Mandatory!]Sd card files (9/11/11): sd card files.zip
gapps: http://goo-inside.me/gapps/gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip

Awerni- Biggest credits! For idea/some files.
Tickerguy- for his CM7 build
All of you guys- for being amazing by trying my ideas :D
Mutia- for his transparent status bar patch

This is a work in progress. It will get better, but not dramatically. I also might even make my own rom, who knows? Also, I do not have this phone. And i do not have a tester, so i have no idea whether this works or not. But im almost positive it should be decent :D
And as always, please, MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP!!
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Yeah. I use ticker guys 2.3 daily so i made a back up wiped the patron cache n flashed the files. The default adw launcher didnt work so i had to use a different one. N yes a dark transparent would be cool.

Oh okay. I am working on a transparent status bar for tickerguy's 9/10 build and this isn't going to have adw launcher. It's supposed to have a launcher called "qqlauncher" on it. It's more like miui.
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Yea i did a fresh wipe. Is there anyway you can put the MIUI lockscreen in here or it takes time?

I (along with MANY other people doing what i'm doing) have yet to find out how to port the miui lockscreen onto cm7. Just think of it like how you can't put cyanogenmod settings onto another ROM. But i will try frantically! Because in my opinion, the lockscreen is the best part of miui.
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Well, it works fine for me on Ticker's CM7 ROM. Since this is based off that, it should work as well, I haven't tried this one so I cannot say for sure.

I went back to original version of CM7 and wasnt the keylights and the part when you lock your phone you have to do a battery pull to unlock it with the wifi and stock lockscreen disabled?
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