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Root [ROM][WIP] CyanogenMod 7 | Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) | Current Version: 09122011


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Dec 17, 2010
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UPDATE: PlayfulGod/BobZhome will be carrying on with CM7. They've been building for awhile, so you guys will be in good hands. Take care.

Well, I don't think Huawei would ever release Android 2.3 on the Ascend. So, I took it upon myself to try and get it on there. I'm currently releasing builds (should be beta stage, now) of CM7 (Android 2.3.4).

If you'd like to go ahead and try it out, please visit my wiki here: CM7-Ascend - Prepaid Android

Please remember that I do this in my spare time. I don't even use the Ascend anymore, so I can't say it's really a big priority for me. However, I'd like to get all the kinks worked out. If you do link this somewhere else, all I ask is you provide proper credits. Thanks for looking.

Screenshots are available on the wiki page.


P.S. If you like what I'm doing (and you want me to be able to continue), please Donate! Any and all donations are appreciated: Donation Link!
Toke, This is the link he posted above and it's also the one everyone uses for reference. CM7-Ascend - Prepaid Android This is a prepaid android wiki site. There is another site listed for more info too. http://www.cyanogenmod.com/ [Compliments of Isaacj87 and anyone else who is involved.]

What works?

GPS (see notes)
Hardware keys
Data services
Basic USB functionality

What doesn't?

USB mounting
Certain apps will take down the system (see notes)


Certain apps will take down the system (major slow-down). While the GPS works, Maps will cause instability. Camera has the same effect. In order to undo this, simply lock the screen and unlock it. CM7 should return to normal. I'm not sure the cause of this, but it's a top priority for me.

Angry birds doesn't install correctly. After it's installed from the Market, go into Applications –> Manage Apps and move Angry Birds to the phone to play.
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There are quite a few advantages, Though I've really only heard about speed and efficiency myself. This is still new though, I'm sure I'll be trying it soon enough once some of the bugs are out. ^^. If you want to try it, Just do a back up of what you've currently got. Honestly you won't know ALL the pluses and minuses unless you try it yourself. ^.^
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Does anyone know how to upgrade to Clockwork 3 if you're already using 2.5 from flashing Icarus?

Same way as 2.5. Through the computer. I believe you can use the same steps you did for 2.5. The link for it is above. Just follow install instructions under Icarus 1.1, but use the 3 version. Correct me anyone if I am wrong.
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Just use Rom Manager from the market to flash your Clockwork. It will update it to Clockwork 3.

I've been told certain rom managers do not work properly on the Ascend. That they were tested through the market by someone at prepaidandroids (myascend.org). I did not test it myself but, Better safe than sorry. :)
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To fix this go into the app drawer, open up "spare parts" and click on "end button behavior". From there you should be able to change it to "Go to home".

Yes, this is right. There's probably a way to enable this by default (Huawei did it), but I'm not sure how.

New nightly (03232011) will be up in a couple of minutes. It adds OC kernel and compcache support. Overclocking up to 710 MHz. There is NO wipe needed to go from the previous nightly to the new one.

Camera and USB will not be easy fixes. I'm in the process of selling my Ascend, so it'll be up to the next guy. (If there's any takers)
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