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Help Root, bootloader and data


Jan 3, 2022
Hi guys,

I lost a few important data for me, like videos and photos, which I need to recover. After a long research and a few tries, I setted my mind in needing a root for my Samsung Galaxy A22 so that data recovery softwares can scan deeper. Now, in order to root, I am asked to unlock the bootloader, but I was told the doing that will delete all the data from my device. So, could I risk to root the phone having lost even at a deeper level the data and not to have the possibility to recover them? How should I act to recover my data then?

Thanks in advance for your help and time.
Rooting an Android device years ago, say KitKat (2013 ver. 4.4.x) was an easier task and there are a lot less 'friction' involved using a rooted device. Flash forward to now and it's a different scenario -- Google, the phone manufacturers, and cellular service carriers are more 'root' averse, and using a rooted device can be a problem with a lot of banking services and some apps will be a problem (i.e. you cannot load the Netflix app from the Play Store on a rooted device, you have to manually sideload the APK). Plus it's important to keep in mind that simply because rooting can allow you to do more things on your device, it does not necessarily give the knowledge. There's a much better chance you will kill some important function on your phone when it's rooted something you may or may not be able to figure out how to restore. (re-flashing the appropriate ROM is the last resort) It's also easier to just brick your device when it's rooted, and never, never forget that running a rooted device also increases the likelihood of being compromised -- rooting it allows both you and some online idiot easier access to things that were previously restricted and protected.
So be aware rooting isn't the magic fix that a lot of people claim it is -- if you're technically savvy root it but don't forget there are drawbacks, If you're just a typical user than be more cognizant about what you're doing.
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