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Root Ruggear RG310 - but would it help?


Mar 30, 2021
I've been trying to get my dad a phone that he can use which ticks all the boxes: tough and very loud for construction sites and he's deaf, big physical buttons (his finger skin is so thick that touch screens don't work), easy to operate (tech level: hammer) although his missus and I can set it up for him. Front facing camera and video call capability so wifi and data for whatsapp or skype or other, functional main camera but nothing special.
So, I bought second hand an old Ruggear RG310 on android 4.4.2 Kernel 3.4.67 Build number RG310-isafe-0062-20180830 as it seemed to tick some of these boxes.

On playing with it it is lacking the easy to operate bit. I thought I'd be able to customise the Home screen to pin his most used contacts but I can't change anything.
Despite the physical keyboard, at any data entry prompt the virtual keyboard pops up and covers half of the already tiny screen, which seems completely pointless and is very annoying. I can't find any way to turn it off - there's no hardware keyboard option in Languages and keyboard settings.
It would be better if it defaulted to the main home screen on unlocking, at the moment it stays wherever you left it.
The font is set to 'huge' but it's still tiny.
There's an SOS button on the front but there's no way to set it up. It's also PTT ready but there's no information on how this works and the button does nothing.

My questions are - would rooting it let me change these things? And if yes, how do I root it? I've never done this before.

Web searches have come up with many highly dodgy looking 'download my root app and I'll empty your bank account' type websites.

Or have I just bought a new door stop?

rooting will not solve your problem.

try a different keyboard....maybe Gboard- Google Keyboard

as for your homescreen upon unlocking.....that might be an option somewhere on your phone. i have never heard of your phone so i can't help you exactly where you can find it. maybe in your phone settings there should be a search option where you can search homescreen settings or something like that.

and the font settings will only work with some apps and within your phone os. it may not work on every screen.

and try to look for ptt within your phone settings. there should be a search option for that as well.

not sure what you mean by SOS so i can't help you with that.

plus as far as rooting again.....your phone has 0 support from developers, so even if it is rootable there is no support which means you will not have a custom recovery which is needed for a rooted phone. there is no developers to create custom roms for you to flash with your custom recovery......so i would not even attempt root without support from developers.

no devs= no fun
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Hi ocnbrze, thanks for your reply. I wasn't very clear about the keyboard - the phone has a physical keyboard so the virtual one is useless. I'd like to disable it but the OS seems highly customised and many normal android functions are not available.
I suspected that rooting wouldnt be possible. Oh well, thanks anyway.
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