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Nov 27, 2011
I was looking at other posts and not found a answer but i apologize if this redundant.
I have a droid x2 and im considering rooting it. My reasons are to freeze the bloatware and do a backup,possibly flash a new rom. So my question is, is it worth it? And how safe is it to root the X2 compared to other android devices? For those with rooted phones what have been the most beneficial things with your rooted phone/device
Thanks in advance
I have rooted for the same reasons, to freeze bloat and then new roms. Through my experimenting I have found that the stock motoblur software was the root cause for all evil that existed on my phone and caused it to slowed down tremendously, not to mention plenty of frustration and wanting to toss my phone across the room. (Yes I am a little bitter at the fact that Motorola could release such horrendous software) The great news is that there are plenty of resources here to show you how to root and install custom roms. Eventually you will end up on cyanogen mod 7 or eclipse. They are the BEST and most current roms available right now and you will find a new appreciation for your phone once you install them. Once you get comfortable with the flashing process you can try cyanogen mod 9 which is the closest we will get to having ice cream sandwich. These roms are still pretty buggy though but they are getting better. Ask questions and read and research but the process is not very difficult. Best of luck!
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