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Rooted Desire S freezing - whats causing it?


Sep 6, 2011
Hello. Over the past few days, I've been having problems with my rooted Desire S. Basically, I've had to reset the phone back to factory settings 3 times now. The first time it froze I was using Dolphin HD, and the second and third times occured when I was installing updates for Maps and Facebook respectively.

When the phone was restarted after freezing, it wouldn't get past the white screen after the HTC logo. I have everything backed up luckily, but it's getting very annoying!

I had tried to install the latest HTC update (which I understand I shouldn't have done now). Also I have been using the phone for wireless and wired tethering as my broadband wasn't working.

What can I do to remedy this? I know I can factory reset whenever it happens, but I want to get to the root of the problem.

Thank you :)
Was the update you say you tried to install successful? If these problems started soon after the update, then I think that narrows down your answer.

Do you know if this problem still occurs after a factory reset with no apps installed? If so, this would suggest it could be an app.

Also, what was the reason behind rooting your phone? Are you using any apps that take advantage of your phone being rooted? I'd uninstall them to see if that resolves things.

Otherwise, if things continue as they are, you might have to look at unrooting your phone and getting it repaired, or flashing a different or earlier version of your current ROM to your phone to see if that helps.
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The update I tried to install was not successful. It flashed up the image of the Android mascot beside a white warning triangle. Funny thing is that it was a month ago when I tried this. So maybe it is an app....

I have done a factory reset now and wiped all the data from the SD card. In terms of apps which use root access, I use AdFree and Wireless Tether. I only installed Wireless Tether last week to make up for my broadband not working. Funnily enough, the problem only started on Saturday, so perhaps that is causing the problem. I have since uninstalled it and will see how things go.

As for getting it unrooted, I'm confused about that as my phone is on a contract with 3 (UK) and as far as I can see, I would need a specific ROM. Of course, I could see about getting a replacement if I really had to I guess.

Thank you for replying. :)
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You would need to unroot in order to get the replacement under warranty.

There's what looks like a 3G ROM (H3G?) in this list, but I don't know if it's the same version as yours. Once you know the version you want, if it's been uploaded somewhere, it should be fairly easy to find.

If you used AlphaRevx to root your phone, this thread shows you how to unroot it. It explains how to rollback branded and unbranded phones to their original/earlier ROM and HBOOT version. Because your phone is branded, take jorgen2009's advice and the subsequent related posts as a guide, especially those posted by another 3G customer. Very convenient in your case!
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Thank you very much for the info. Luckily I used AlphaRevX so I should be able to unroot it if necessary.

Hopefully I've fixed the problem now as I started afresh (no backups, wiped SD card etc). I'm guessing that if there is still a problem, I'll find it out over the next few days if my phone freezes.

Thanks again. :)
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