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Root Rooted phone Google Play problem

Hello all,

I bought a HTCDesire S rooted and running Jelly Bean. Great I thought. When the bloke who sold it to me buggered off I realised I didn't have an app market. I have downloaded google play directly and via PC but once installed it closes itself straight away once opened. This is most frustrating!

Is it to do with the Play store having to be part of the original set of apps? Is there a way around this without having to unroot?
Hi manimalcleary, and welcome to AF :)

Most likely it's a matter of getting the correct google apps for your OS version. This page has links for different versions of cyanogenmod - 10 is JellyBean, 9 ICS, 7 Gingerbread - which might help. Take a recovery backup (nandroid) before flashing anything though.

If you can tell us exactly what ROM you have someone may be able to give more specific advice. I'm afraid I don't know Desire S ROMs myself.
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