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Root Rooted successfully, but could do with some more help/guidance

Took the plunge this morning and rooted my Desire, but there were a few things I tripped-up on - one of which might have led to a big no no - so I thought I'd post some feedback in case it helps other rooting virgins. First things first though, huge thanks to SUroot, lekky and others (sorry for not name-checking you all) who have created the guides and faqs on here. Also, I recognise much of this is down to my own ignorance and lack of knowledge and i hope this might lead to some extra help for others like me!

Here goes:

1 - essential info - no problem, although "Terminal Emulator" app fc'd every time for me so downloaded "Android Terminal Emulator" and that worked fine

2 - prerequisite steps - again no probs, all successful

3 - rooting process - first problem (don't laugh too hard) "turn on desire so running android normally", uh-oh how do i reboot from Hboot screen on phone?

Is it under Fastboot, nah let's play safe and pick Recovery.

Uh-oh, serious looking red triangle on screen.

Don't panic, be patient, nothing happening, right let's get proactive (i suspect my first mistake) unplug from PC, press/hold Power button - nothing, press vol down and power - still nothing.

S**t didn't i read somewhere not to unplug this from PC :thinking:.

Ok what's left - battery out?! But that's definitely a big no-no isn't it? Yeah but it's your only choice. Ok, let's get case mate cover off, now for battery cover - STOP!!, wait, phone just vibrated, it's booting up again, it's alive!

Run unrevoked, no problems, yay Superuser app now on phone :) phew

But, I suspect this would have been a major mistake if i'd got far enough to take the battery out right?

Anyway, i still have no real idea what i did (if anything) to reboot from the Hboot screen so would find some help on it's basics very useful.

Now to create Ext3 partition with Gparted Live boot CD:

All well, no probs following guide. Partion created, then CWM was telling me to unmounted mass storage before disconnecting.

Fine select unmount by clicking trackball.

Uh-oh, how do i get back up through CWM screens to the reboot option? Not trackball button? No, what, try power? Ok ... yes success! Sorted.

So, i'd also welcome some guidance on basics of how to navigate CWM before i give myself anymore minor heart attacks and flash a custom ROM.

As i said before the guides are great, but for others also not quite up to speed (true, it might just be me) it might be worth adding a few more details or a link in the stickies on rooting.

Oh, and apologies if there are other threads on Hboot and CWM - i did do a forum search but couldn't find much.


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