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Root Rooting a metroPCS ZTE Z828 Avid Plus

Sir.. would u be so kind as to explain or link where i could find more about rooting with kingo root? I did hear someone else was not entirely unsuccessful using kingo but what was the process exactly. And was it true root?

Root successful. No recovery. Quite simple....

Download ADB Drivers and ADB Shell set up to PC.
Install on PC with Admin privileges
Download latest version Kingo Root to PC
Connect device to PC via USB
Turn on device.
Enable USB debugging
Enter Command Prompt (Admin Privileges)

adb devices
adb reboot disemmcwp
Phone will reboot with extra write privileges

Right click on Kingo Root and Run as Administrator.
Wait bout 5 min for the magic to happen.

Links at bottom for Drivers, Shell, and Kingo Root

It was tricky switching to super su. But this worked fine for me after trial.
I simply uninstalled Kingo user then installed super su and updated binary normal. Boom. I'm still holding down root. Over clocked kernel and all. All the credit to ....


ADB Drivers http://adbdriver.com/
ADB Shell http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?p=48915118
KINGO ROOT https://www.kingoapp.com/android-root/download.htm
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