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Root Rooting and your warranty


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Jul 25, 2012
For anyone that is curious what sort of affect rooting will have on your warranty for the Pixel 2, I confirmed with Google support that it does NOT void your warranty.

This applies for phones purchased directly from Google. Phones purchased through a carrier may very well have different rules about rooting.

Attached is a couple of screenshots of the conversation:
Screenshot_20171014-121430.png Screenshot_20171014-121448.png
Actually!! You should unlock the Bootloader first thing. To be honest, I haven't even seen if root is released yet or not. With the first pixel, it took chainfire about a week after the Pixel release before it could be rooted because the pixel had a lot of changes from previous Nexus devices.

I'd imagine the pixel 2 is structurally the same or similar and that root will come quick.

Oh, but my point... Unlock the bootloader first thing because that factory resets the device. So you will lose all the setup you did. I always unlock first. Then root (if available) and setup. If root isn't available yet, you can set it up after unlocking and wait for root, as that shouldn't wipe anything.
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