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Root Rooting tutorial - hdx 7"


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Jul 17, 2012
Thanks to Faznx92 for this Rooting tutorial!!

Thanks to Hashcode you can now backup and restore the stock ROM and install custom ROM's (until one is made). Please use with caution. You must be rooted first. I take no responsibility for your mistakes.

I modified slayer615's batch code to Auto-Root the Kindle Fire HDX 7"

1: Download the adb driver and install it to your computer.
2: Connect the Kindle to a computer. Then Enable adb on the Kindle in Settings --> Device
3: On your computer goto Control Panel ---> System ---> Device Manager. Look under the Other devices tab. Right-Click Android and click update driver. Then click Browse My Computer. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers. Scroll down and select Kindle Fire. Hit next until the driver installs.
4: Download the root13.zip file, unpack
5: Run the runme.bat Follow along. That's it!

At this point you should be rooted. You can now disconnect your HDX from your computer. Also, you can download and install SuperSU and Busybox on your HDX. If not connecting in the batch file make sure you have the adb drivers installed first! If not root, reply. Remember this is tested to work on Kindle Fire HDX 7"

Thanks goes to: fi01 for finding the bug, Jcase for making the exploit, Moronig for modifying the exploit, slayer615 for making the batch bundle.

To block Amazon auto-updates:
Download and install Android Firewall (root required first)
Once installed white list all the apps you want wifi to use or just all of them or none of them. Open the set custom script option.
iptables -A "droidwall" -s -j "droidwall-reject"
iptables -A "droidwall" -s -j "droidwall-reject"
iptables -A "droidwall" -s -j "droidwall-reject"
Hit ok and that should block Amazon from pushing updates to your Kindle HDX

Please leave a response how it worked!

-NOTICE- If your browser flags the root13.zip file it is because of the packed adb.exe file.



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