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[ROM] [ROOT] [Moto G Pure] [LiniageOS 20] [OrangeFox] Android 13 and ROOT with Recovery

Well... I've been tinkering around with this budget 150$ phone and i came across with the project treble and their so called "GSI's". I'm running the latest kernel and version released by Motorola and i flashed through fastbootd by running "fastboot reboot fastboot" say that this way to flash the GSI only works if you don't have any custom recovery like the Orange Fox released by the OP (if you want to install a GSI through Orange Fox you would need to copy the "system.img" to any folder of the phone and flash it through the recovery...). I flashed a couple of roms and the best one so far it's crDroid with android 14, the problem is that android 14 doesn't support arm32-binder64 right now which is unfortunately the kernel architecture this phone runs (if OP would release a 64 bit version of the kernel I'd be forever thankful, and it would help not only me but anyone who looks to install a custom rom on this trashy phone). Then i installed the android 13 version that actually supports 32 bit gapps but it doesn't even work and the google setup app keeps freezing... it's really annoying. 64 BIT KERNEL PLSSSSSSS!!!
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