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Run the UFC app on Android 12 in full screen (landscape)


Apr 29, 2023
Hi everyone,
Another day I found an Android 5 box (with the remote and power source) in an electronic garbage and I decided to take it home to give it a try.
That is an amazing device, but that one has 2 problems: it's pretty slow and most apps crash sometimes, so I might need to open an app 2 times to use it.
I was using it to watch the UFC because I'm a subscriber of the UFC Fight Pass and they have a proper app for us to watch the events.
It works flawlessly.
When I open the app it runs in full screen just like everything else on this box, so everything plays like TV.
I liked that so much that I decided to invest in a more up-to-date version from the this kind of box and bought a similar one running Android 12.
That works perfectly, because it's fast and never crashes.
However, when I run the UFC Fight Pass app opens in portrait mode (similar to a phone).
Then, if I want to see the event, the video itself shows really small in the center of the screen.
I tried researching for a way to force that app to run in full screen, like it runs on my Android 5 box, but haven't found a way that works yet.
There are several apps that are supposed to force the screen to be landscape and full screen but none of the ones I tested worked.
Is there any hope for me? ;)
You would have to contact the developer. Why not use a browser instead?
I actually bought the new Android box to have something that could work smother than the solution I had before.
I'm a subscriber of the UFC from the country I'm from, but I'm not living there right now.
So, before opening the app, I need to connect to a VPN, and that is an extra work as well.
I believe that connecting through a browser would be another extra work.
I thought it would work fine because on my old Android TV box it works fine, just too slow.
Also, all apps on both Android TV boxes open the same way, it's just the UFC one on the new Android TV box that works like a phone (portrait).
I believe there could be other people that had this issue before and there should be a way of fixing that, I just don't know how at the moment.
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