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Help S-Note handwriting recognition text-box size/wrapping


Sep 14, 2014
Hi folks,

So, when using S-Note on the Note 8, there is the option to enter handwriting, which is then recognized, and turned into typed text. What I notice, is that the typed text is wrapped (next line) according to the way you enter the text lines below each other with your handwriting. Thus, if you write four words in a line, and then continue writing in the next line, the recognized text will also only have the four words in its first line, with the rest in the next line.

Since handwriting is, as a rule, much larger than the typed, recognized text, the recognized text always only fills about the left third of the page. This is obviously wasting a lot of screen space.

I would like to see a way to either drag-extend the text-box after recognition, and see the words wrap at the edge of the text-box, rather than according to my initial handwriting, OR, I'd like to see the software auto-wrap the text itself, making the text-box larger, to the full width of the page, thus allowing me to write much more on a page than only one third on the left side.

Anyone have any ideas about this?


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