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samsung galaxy note 8.0

  1. vgchat

    Resurrection Remix - any interest?

    From the thread: "Any interest in builds of "Resurrection Remix" for N5110? Buff99 made one tonight. If Buff99 can get a couple of beta testers with CM13 experience then Buff99 could release it in a few days..?" If you would like to try it out, feel free to visit the thread and message the...
  2. SomeGuyHehe

    Help Can't move apps to sd

    I flashed the PAC ROM recently its based on lollipop 5.0 and I can't move apps to SD now. It says not enough storage space on my fat32 sdcard when it is empty and the SD worked with stock ROM. Other formats don't work but I've only tried exfat and it detected the SD card. When I use link2sd it...
  3. Android News

    Mysterious Samsung tablet revealed by the FCC could be the successor to 2013's Galaxy Note 8.0

    The Samsung SM-P585 has made an appearance on the FCC's website, revealing its product name, a rear diagram and its WiFi and LTE connectivity bands. While there is no information regarding which of Samsung's tablet lines the device will be a part of, the SM-P585's diagram shows that it features...
  4. SomeGuyHehe

    Help Rooted Note 8.0 Camera, and Mic not working

    My rooted samsung galaxy note 8.0 GT5110 is acting strangely from the past few days. I rooted it two weeks ago and two days ago the camera displayed this error, Warning: Recording failed and then the app shuts down. I tried recording my voice, but any voice recordingapp just shuts down. When I...
  5. R

    am i having battery trouble?

    for the past couple of weeks, iv'e noticed that my note 8 battery is taking much longer to charge. It also discharges while i use it even while being plugged in. that never happened before. any thoughts wpuld be appreciated.
  6. Leonard Stilwell

    Help Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5110

    1. Device repeatedly shutting down due to overheating message. 2. Battery life is terrible now. I am running KitKat 4 4.2. I've read posts regarding these two issues appearing after the 4.4.2 upgrade. Some say to send it back to Samsung for repair. My unit is over a year old so there's no...
  7. J

    Samsung Note 8 WIFI sometimes constantly scanning

    I was not able to find an existing answer for my issue. I have a Samsung Note 8 that sometimes constantly scans and reconnects to the WIFI. Example I have my router in my home office and an access point in my living room. If I'm in my office the tablet works without issue, if I go to my living...
  8. U

    Help Battery indicator shows charging even with no battery plugged

    Hi, I removed the battery from my Galaxy Note 8 and noticed that the tablet still shows information that the battery is charging when plugged to the charger. If it's not plugged the tablet won't start because it shows the battery on 0%. I removed the battery because the tablet is not charging...
  9. S

    Root help before flashing cyanogenmod 12.

    I got a galaxy note 8. i rooted using chainfire auto root. then used flashify to flash twrp. now my question is i heard you need to unlock bootloader before flashing a rom. how do i know if mine is locked or not. i have the GT-N5110 model if that helps. also i cyanogenmod as safe as googles...
  10. M

    not connecting to external SD card

    The Galaxy Note 8 detects the External Stick, but then immediately after, disconnects by itself. The device is rooted. Tried various Otg apps that are supposed to help connect. By the way, my galaxy s4 phone with the same Android version 4.2, connects w/o a problem.
  11. odatkid

    Help Microphone Fix?

    Hi All, All of the sudden my microphone doesn't work. I can't use S Voice or my guitar tuner as neither can detect any sound. Speakers work fine and I can play video and hear everything perfectly. All sound effects work. Hoping for a simple fix. Any help is appreciated, Thanks...........Tom
  12. Skynet11

    Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 User Manual - The official Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 User Guide Read more about this resource...
  13. P

    Help Physical Button feel

    Hello, I have a Samsung Note 2 - all the physical buttons have great feel - require a moderate effort and have a definite feeling of movement before there is a noticeable feel / sound of a click - before they activate some feature. In contrast, the physical buttons on the Note 8 are a mixed...
  14. D

    Just got a Note 8.. used from Craigslist. can it be rooted?

    it is a Samsung Note8 16GB.. model SGH-I467 running 4.4.2 .. Baseband viersion I467UCUBNI2 .. Kernel 3.031-1848029 tested with AT&T sim card.. works fine. 3 questions.. 1. can it be ROOTED?? please point me to the correct instructions. 2. it seems to be pretty dead in this sub forum. does...
  15. J

    Help Samsung Note 8 not connecting to the internet

    Hello can someone please help, where do I go to get help with samsung note 8 not connecting to Internet problem? Thank you John
  16. ahmedabdulameer123

    Root Android 4.1.2 to 4.4.2 failed error

    Hey guys i tried to install the software update of android 4.4.2 but i get a error sign i have root device gt-n5110 HELP MEEEE
  17. C

    Help Help Fast

    My tablet goes into a black screen after unlocking it. I have no other idea on how I can fix it other than a factory reset. Can anyone help?
  18. Poke4Ever10

    Help I really need some help with my soft-bricked tablet!!!

    Hi, could somebody PLEASE help me through process of unbricking my tab? I've gotten so far, but I'm stuck and don't know what to do! What I have done: Download Odin 3.09 + Odin 3.07 Download (and re-download) the latest USB Drivers Used different ports and cords, but only one seems to get me...
  19. L

    my samsung galaxy note 8 has issues!

    I purchased my Note 8 tablet on Amazon from a highly rated seller about 5 months ago. It is an unlocked At&t model. It was packaged in a new unopened box, seemingly never used before, but I'm not sure if it was refurbished or what, because I have been having a few issues with it. The most...
  20. B

    Help To my rooted friends

    I rooted my Note 8 some time ago to add options to Multi Window but have found that I really do not use it much and so I un rooted my Note 8, did a factory reset and then went about my merry way. Couple things that I have found that puzzle me. 1. SuperSu is still there after a factory...
  21. J

    Help watchon ir problems

    When I try to set up the watchon or peel remote the first test button is to test the power. It turns my tv on but also activates the shutdown on my tablet. I can hit back button but tablet still turns off. Contacted Samsung and when they didn't really understand what the problem was they said to...
  22. R

    Help S-Note handwriting recognition text-box size/wrapping

    Hi folks, So, when using S-Note on the Note 8, there is the option to enter handwriting, which is then recognized, and turned into typed text. What I notice, is that the typed text is wrapped (next line) according to the way you enter the text lines below each other with your handwriting...
  23. R

    Position of the handwriting-entry area

    Hi folks, When using the Note 8, and having to enter text, one has the option of keyboards, or, using the S-Pen, handwriting. The keyboards one can move to the top of the screen and such, but, the S-Pen entry (the yellow area that appears) is always at the bottom of the screen, and is...
  24. M

    Help internal storage - downloads section

    Hi everybody, I do have a problem with my internal storage. I know that of the 16Gb storage, only 9 Gb can be used, and that
  25. odatkid

    Root Upgrading to KitKat on rooted Note 8.0 WiFi

    Hi All, I was wondering if I can upgrade my Note 8.0 [GT-N5110] to Kit-Kat although it's rooted. It's presently 4.1.2 Are there precautions I should take and is it possible to upgrade a rooted device? Any thoughts are appreciated, Thanks...Tom