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Root S-Off Help

now im towards the end and i cant succefully finish.
Do wire-trick now!! Check the instructions at Unlimited.IO
=== Waiting for device....
Fastboot detected
Rebooting device
Please wait....
(13/45)ADB server didn't ACK
* failed to start daemon *
Found device...
Waiting for device to settle... Please wait...
Getting into bar.....
Raising Glass
SUCCESS - Taking a sip.
SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.
SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.
SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.
SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.
SUCCESS - Buddies and Beer
Checking alcohol level......
Let's take one more......
S-OFF Failed
Errorcode: 66732337
ErrorMsg: Still sober
Press ENTER to exit.....
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When you say "went crazy" did you just tap it repeatedly? I can't seem to get it >.>
Here's a few tips for getting the wire trick itself to work:

1. Use an SD card with the lowest capacity that you have. A 2GB is ideal, but I did two phones using the 8GB card that came with them.

2. Make sure you are using the correct pin, which is the one closest to the outer edge of the phone.

3. The core from a coax cable is ideal, but if you are using another type of "wire" make sure the ends are clean and not insulated. I used a paper clip but it only worked after I figured out that it had a plastic coating and used a razor blade to scrape that off the ends.

4. Use short taps with the wire. The timing is more important than the length of the tap.

5. Make sure your fingers are not touching any part of the wire that is not insulated as that will ground it and negate the effect.

Hope that helps.

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I've tried multiple times, always end up with "Still Sober." Its tap, 1.25/1.5 seconds, tap? Or tap, wait, hold? I might just hold off on it but I want to do it at the same time >.>

Just keep trying Prinny. I almost gave up several times, thought I screwed my phone up twice... But I stuck to it and bam! S-off!! Also, the irc channel has a lot of helpers too.
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Unless someone else has a thought/wants to chime in?
Subzer0's suggestion to jump on their IRC channel was good one. It's easy to do from the support page on their website and you can tell them the details of everything you've tried so far and they might have some additional suggestions. And they really love Linux there so I'm sure they will be happy to help you. ;)

Also, the controlbear.exe utility has been updated to 0.11 and someone on XDA mentioned that version seemed easier for the wire trick than the older ones (at least on Windows) so you might want to download it again if you haven't recently.

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