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Help S2 in-call volume TOO LOUD


Jun 26, 2013
Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me. I recently upgraded the firmware on my GS2 (to 4.1.2) and since doing this the in-call volume is excessively loud. Even on the lowest setting it is uncomfortably loud and even when pressed up against my ear, others can clearly hear the other person on the call speaking.

Please can anyone suggest a way I can lower the volume? Can I uninstall the firmware and revert to the earlier version. I really regret making the update - everything was fine on the earlier edition of Android.

Please help!

Many thanks,

Welcome, GS3_user1.

I see that despite your user name being "GS3_user1," you are posting in the S2 forum. ;)

Either way, have you perhaps inadvertently put your device in the "driving mode?"

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am indeed definitely a GS2 user - and one that is gradually losing her hearing. I didn't alter any settings, only updated my software after being prompted. How do I change the mode to get it back to 'normal'? I have looked but can't find any reference to Driver mode.
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