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Help s3 randomly shutting off


Android Enthusiast
Apr 23, 2012
Melvindale, Michigan
anybody ever have their s3 randomly just shutting off? if so some advice would be greatly appreciated. i have tried many different ROMS and wiping everything before installing new ROMS and so far no such luck to solve this problem. Could it be an app downloaded from the play store? if so i will try uninstalling one at a time to see if this may remedy the issue. thanks in advance for any replies.
When does it shut off? When trying to use a particular app? When its asleep in your pocket? During tethering?

I've had all three happened. First was instagram. The camera malfunctioned and kept rebooting my phone everytime i opened it. Uninstall and reinstalled fixed it. Second was due to the rom i changed it. Last was during the introduction of the 3.4 kernel (its safe now).

When it happens will help you determine what's the cause.
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