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Help S3i9300 help


Dec 23, 2013
My S3i9300 is stuck on the start up screen and wont move. The charging has been crazy for a while. I tried the up volume, home and power button at the same time and nothing happened. I tried the down volume home and power and the warning screen came on. Please let me know what can be done/

I would like to be able to get my picture off the phone.

please help!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry for the delay:)

The first thing I'd try is removing the battery for a couple of minutes. While the batteries out hold power and home for 10 to 20 seconds.

If your phone still won't boot, turn it off again and this time after pressing power continuously press menu and hopefully your phone will boot into safe mode.

If there's still no luck try recovery mode again (volume up, power and home). When trying recovery mode do you see a message in the top left saying recovery is booting? If you see that release the power button but keep holding home and volume up. If you manage to boot into recovery clear cache and then reboot.

If none of those work you will probably need to reflash your firmware using Odin but we'll cross that bridge if we need to.
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That means you still have the unlocked bootloader so you should be able to flash pretty much any i9300 firmware. Just don't go for the latest ones as they will give you the locked bootloader. I've been away from the gs3 scene for a while so I can't really say which firmware the locked one came in. Maybe funky will be able to tell you that.

Edit: have you rooted your phone? I'm hoping you say you have as if you haven't it isn't good news. The only way the system status will show up as custom is if you've rooted your phone or if it's suffered from the brick bug. If it's the brick bug the only solution is a professional fix.
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