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Help S4 UK PAYG 3G Skype video calling setup


Android Enthusiast
Jan 18, 2011
Staffordshire, UK
In UK.

I have a Galaxy S4 on PAYG with T-Mobile. I also have 3G mobile data available.
Skype V4.0.0.19550 is installed on the S4 and I am able to make very satisfactory video calls using either low or high quality video whilst on Wi-Fi.

With no Wi-Fi connection and using Mobile Data I am able to make a connection but the video aspect freezes after a couple of seconds using low or high quality video.

The adverts show people using 3G and video calling with no seeming problem. Is it me or is it overzealous advertising?
I would have thought that speed would have been absolutely fine. Skype doesn't use a huge amount of bandwidth so if you really are getting 3Mbps, I suspect my first guess was wrong - sorry.

In fact I have very poor reception where I am now and only have about 900kbps. I was able to do a Skype video call to my wife using 3G and, while it was a little choppy, it definitely worked reasonably well.
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