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Help S9 screen *mostly* black when unlocking


May 6, 2022
About 30% of the time, when I unlock my S9, the screen briefly comes alive, and then turns black. Often the top ~5% of the screen is still visible, but the colors are wrong and it's distorted. I can still interact with the phone, and that 5% of the screen does change in some way, and haptic/sound queues show the phone is working.

This happens most often when I quickly lock and then unlock the phone. It has happened with increasing frequency over the past ~3 months, and now is quite common.

Usually I can fix it by locking again, waiting 10-15 seconds, and unlocking. If I unlock too soon it happens again. However, today after my phone got hot from being in the sun, it took ~20m before it would unlock properly - gave me a scare. Notably, when the phone was stuck this way, I could restart it, and the boot screen showed the Android logo just fine, but as soon as it booted the screen went black again.

To fix it, I've tried a hard restart, full factory reset, and booting in safe mode - nothing seems to affect it. Phone otherwise works great.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or do I just need to resign myself to getting a new phone?
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I know this is old but for anyone else who has this what stopped it for me was turning brightness up to max and turning off 'adaptive brightness'. It started it on my Galaxy s9 while playing an app so I uninstalled it. I waited about a week and I never had another problem. I recently tried reinstalling this game and the same issue started again. I uninstalled the app and it stopped. So try and see if those help and try uninstalling any new apps. I was about to buy a new phone.
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