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Samsung Care+ is a joke


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
  • May 13, 2010
    Los Angeles
    so i usually get Geek Squad protection for my phones......but when i bought the Z Fold 3, i could not outright buy it because their promotions only included plans with providers. i could not get the sale price on an unlocked phone. and between verizon and samsung, samsung had the better deal and i figure i am protected with samsung care+.

    so now my phone is having some major issues. the front screen is not working and now my wifi(does not turn on at all) and bluetooth (can't watch or stream as the video is slow or freezes when contected to a bluetooth device. i turn it off and video works fine) is acting up. i am going to try and flash a new firmware to see if that fixes my wifi and bluetooth issues.

    i was going to have Samsung experts look at wifi and bluetooth in addition to my front screen, but i have to be put on a waiting list to have them just look at the device. my appointment is for Feb 7th......FEB 7TH!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

    if i knew this i might have tried to get onto verizon's insurance or maybe just bit the bullet and purchased thru Best Buy and signed up for Geek Squad support.

    i could have gone and sent the phone in, but i was told that the time frame would have been the same.
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    Good luck.
    This is why I buy a $250 or less phone outright unlocked.
    I just don't want to spend the money on a flagship device from any manufacturer.
    My phone is very important to me, just not that important to spend that kind of money.
    this is the first time i have had any issues with a flagship phone. never had any issues with my note phones in the past. this is my first time with Samsung care though.......so lets see what happens after my appointment. with geek squad i would have just returned my phone for either a new one or a refurbished one.......no waiting for a 2 week appointment crap!!!!!!
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