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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G


Apr 5, 2023
I need to buy a new cell phone. I’m considering the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G; it is at the extreme upper end of what I can reasonably afford. I have a very important requirement that is not mentioned in any specifications I have found; I don’t know if the feature is universal. It is that the phone produces a WiFi hotspot for internet access of another device, such as a notebook computer, and that it also allows tethering via USB for internet access.

I realize that the carrier contract must allow such use, that isn’t my concern. only that the phone must be capable of it in order to be useful to me. Is there any way to be sure before purchase?

An unrelated question
I see “One UI Core 5" in the specifications. What does that mean?
I read WiFi Direct as a means to transfer data between device over a WiFi network, not a means to create a WiFi Network with the phone. However, I managed to find a pdf version of the user manual, I think at a Samsung web site.

It appears to me that the two options I need are available and there is also a third that might be better: Ethernet tethering
which requires a special (hopefully available) cable.

Here I copy and paste from the manual. Am I reading anything incorrectly?
Mobile hotspot
Mobile hotspot uses your data plan to create a Wi-Fi network that can be used by
multiple devices.
1. From Settings, tap Connections > Mobile hotspot and tethering >
Mobile hotspot.
2. Tap to turn on Mobile hotspot.
3. On the devices you want to connect, activate Wi-Fi and select your device’s
Mobile hotspot. Enter the Mobile hotspot password to connect.
• Connected devices are listed under the heading Connected devices.
TIP Tap QR code to connect another device to your Mobile hotspot by
scanning a QR code instead of entering a password.

You can use tethering to share your device’s Internet connection with another device.
Options may vary by service provider.
1. From Settings, tap Connections > Mobile hotspot and tethering.
2. Tap an option:
• Tap Bluetooth tethering to share your device’s Internet connection using
• Connect the computer to the device using a USB cable, and then tap
USB tethering.
• Connect the computer to the device using an Ethernet adapter, and
then tap Ethernet tethering.
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