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Samsung galaxy A22 shutdown on screen timeout

Hi All,

My new Samsung galaxy a22 shuts down whenever the screen times out. Any way I can stop this glitch?
are you sure it is powered off and not just asleep? if this is indeed happening, then i would first put the phone in safe mode to see if the issue still happens. safe mode prevents 3rd party apps from running. this will determine if this is an app issue or not.

your next option would be to do a factory reset. this will determine if this is a software issue or not. keep in mind this will delete data, so backup accordingly. and do this from within your phone' settings. you can do a hard reset, but that will trip frp(factory reset protection) and you will need to know your google acct info or it will not let you proceed any further.

and if it still continues then you might want to look at warranty replacement options.
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