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Samsung Galaxy S2 - email account


Aug 13, 2012
First time i've tried one of these websites so hope someone can help. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, I had my e-mails set up perfectly fine - linked to my bt internet outlook account. 2 days ago my phone wanted to do an update and when the phone came back on it had wiped my email account. I have tried to set up a new account again which it prompts you to do, but it won't work. Have entered my email details, password and followed each stage but with no luck.... Anyone else have this problem? can anyone help?
Thanks for the replies guys, I'm with O2. i have tried rebooting the phone - that doesn't work. I have tried clearing data (which i tink i have done correctly) still no luck! :(
What will happen to my phone & things on it if i do factory reset?

Hi Kate!
If you do a factory reset you will basically restore your phone exactly how it was "out of the box". There are some good apps on the Play Store if you would like to back-up your texts/call logs.
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