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Help Samsung Galaxy S3 receiving GIF files but only as Stills?

Hello! I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3. I love the GIF support, but...I have a really irritating problem.

My problem is that even though I can save and view moving GIF files in my Gallery or on the internet, I cannot receive moving GIF files. I only see stills. I would think that I should be able to view GIFs if I can do everything else with them..

I have used the stock messaging app, Handcent, and GO SMS Pro, and all GIFs that I receive come in as stills. I've even tried saving a still and looking at it in my Gallery to see if maybe the whole GIF saved, but it was simply the still.

Strangely, my old LG Optimus (not the newest model) could receive GIFS and play them, but couldn't save them, which was understandable.
Obviously the S3 can process GIFs, why can't it do it when someone sends one to me?

Thank you for any help,


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