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Help Samsung Galaxy S4 issues Lockscreen, etc.

I have been having issues with my Verizon gs4 & was wondering if anyone may have heard of these from other people.

First issue I am having is on the lock screen. The little light from air view tends to go crazy and jerks side to side and I am not able to unlock the phone and then the screen shuts off and the blue notification light turns on while the screen is off and stays on until I press the side power button. Then it goes back to normal or sometimes it restarts the phone with out asking me if I want to restart it.

Seems to only happen when I get a text. I even have air view off!
One time it put phone in safe mode and I've never seen this on any android. I've had this phone for less than a month.

Second issue is when I am using Swype to text I sometimes get a long delay and it acts like I was long pressing a letter.

Third issue when I hit the home button once it goes to recent apps like if I was holding down on home button which I wasn't. same thing happens when I tap the back button once. it opens up multi window. I have to turn multi window off so this doesn't happen anymore.

it's frustrating because I just got this phone and wouldn't think I would have this many issues already with it.
Should I contact Verizon about these issues? Or would someone know a fix to them if there are any?

I have reset my phone. shut off phone. took battery out for 10 secs and this is all still happening!!!

Sounds like you got a bad unit (uh huh huh huh, you said "unit"). I haven't had any of those issues and can't see why anyone should have to go through that stuff.

I never even knew Android had a "safe mode" (got any pics of that)!

I'd take it back for an exchange now while you still stand a good chance of getting a new phone instead of a refurb.
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