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Help Samsung Note 3 Stuck on Samsung Logo on Booting


Jul 23, 2020
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to get your advice on my phone: my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been stuck on the Samsung logo after booting up and doesn't boot beyond that. It was a sudden occurrence as the phone was working perfectly the night before.

1. What I have attempted:
Here's what I have attempted / ruled out:
- Prior to the issue I have not downloaded any other apps (ruling out any cause of malicious apps)
- Recharged battery (no battery issue) and battery working perfectly fine
- Cleared the system cache
- Tried to boot in Safe Mode (but could not boot in Safe Mode because phone could not progress beyond the Samsung logo)

2. Important phone content: Most important to me are the Photos in the Gallery, downloaded Music and WhatsApp data
- My Google Photos contains only one part of the photos (i.e. Google Photos are not complete, but Gallery is complete)
- If it is still possible to salvage the situation, I am looking for a solution that preferably does not involve doing a factory reset or any sort of data wipe, at least until I backup my Photos, Music and WhatsApp backup data.

3. Any suggestions: Would Smart Switch be able to help extract data out of the phone, even when it is booting? As I've read that Kies is only applicable for Samsung Note 2 and below.
- Are there any other PC suites or software which can access and backup the phone's content without having to fully boot the phone to the usual home screen?

Any suggestions or advice on the above would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
this is why i would never keep older phones as my daily phone. if your phone is getting older, you need to backup constantly cuz as time goes by, you run the risk of the phone just dying out on you for no reason at all.

i think your data is lost at this point. if you could only get to the download mode then you could use odin to flash the latest firmware. but this will for sure wipe data....if there is anything to wipe at this point.

so i believe that your phone has a corrupted partition where the os resides and this is why it is stuck on the boot logo and nothing else or it could very well be a dead battery as @RASelkirk suggested in which your data should still be there.
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Did you have usb debugging enabled in developer options?

Even without usb debugging enabled, it's my understanding there is a way to flash the official factory while retaining user data. After downloading your firmware you'll need to extract the .tar file into separate parts BL, AP, CP, CSC, Home CSC. Then place BL, AP, CP but put Home CSC in the Odin appropriate slots. Do not place CSC in the Odin CSC slot or you will definitely wipe data, instead place Home CSC in Odin CSC slot.


If you're unable to extract the Home CSC from your .tar firmware leave the CSC Odin slot empty.


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