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Samsung S4 Mini - problems with whatsapp.


Jan 5, 2022

I'm wondering if there's anyone on here who has hands on experience regarding the following problem and any useful / practical information :

my wife has a new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT19195 it runs on Version 4.4.2

She has a problem using whatsapp . We checked this software version and it would seem that it was software versions prior to this that may have issues with whatsapp .

It goes like this : she can connect but the image is ' blocky ' and stilted - a couple of times it has been ok and worked perfectly well , but the bias is towards it not working. Whatsapp voice frequently ' choppy ' . In checking at the same time on my phone ( S5 mini ) things work ok so this would appear to be a phone issue rather than an internet problem ( although our net connection isn't the strongest ) .

Thanks for any constructive comments anyone can provide .

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This device was released in 2013, running Android 4.4.2....
I'm thinking whatsapp is updated to run on a higher version of Android, which is causing the problems.
Your best bet is to upgrade your device that runs a newer version of Android to resolve the issue.
IMO, buy an android device that's running Android 11, at least.
That way you'll have a device that will last a few years and that can handle apps made to run on current Android versions
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At the moment WhatsApp says it supports Android 4.1 upwards, though I expect that just means "is compatible with the SDK versions used in Android 4.1+" rather than actually tested on devices that still run those OS versions.

It's possible that the s4 Mini simply doesn't have the resources to run the app well. It's impossible to give a definite answer just from a few words of description, but what you describe could be caused by poor connection (e.g. the phone having weaker reception than your handset) or by the phone just not having the processor or RAM resources needed to keep up with the demands of running the app. Maybe voice calls would work better than video (less bandwidth and less processing needed)?
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