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Accessories Samsung Vibrant Glass broken


Feb 10, 2011
I have nice popular Samsung Vibrant from Galaxy series phone which I bought 2 months back and one bad day it accidentally fell down and glass panel was crushed. Does any one has any idea whether it is possible to replace the broken glass? any suggestions would be really helpful that I can reuse the phone. I contacted to Samsung and they said the price to fix from them is almost like buying a another handset. So this option is ruled out. and I don't have insurance on it to claim for a new.
Hi Srini28,

Well my poor Vibrant just had an accident too, and over the course of the last few days I have now come up with a few options. Perhaps the forum members can add any knowledgable suggestions, corrections or warnings to the info I have. Ok so to replace the phone is huge $$$ as I was told the insurance covered very little and was not worth the money, so I declined. As far as repair, Samsung will repair for about $170ish, that includes shiping both ways, they say about 10 days or so. They did say that the phone will be reset to original settings when returned. I wondered but failed to ask if that meant I would be reinstalling Froyo. I have also found another place iPhone Repair & More. Seattle, Chicago, & Mail-Ins - Jet City Devices who I have spoken to and seem knowledgable. The website is supposed to be self explanitory and payment can be made I believe he said by cc or paypal, return shipping is included in the price and it takes about 7 or 8 days. Also got another bit of news, when I decide which I intend to use after getting any additional advice, the receipt from which ever service I use can be presented as proof to Tmobile store that the phone I have under contract is out being repaired. They will then loan me for free a replacement phone. Mind you the replacement is not at all high end but is a phone none the less. It is only on loan for a max of 12 days. Any thoughts forum???
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Ok well phone is out to repair, will let you know how it goes. Sent it to Jetcitydevices iPhone Repair & More. Seattle, Chicago, & Mail-Ins - Jet City Devices, I spoke to them on the phone after reading many good reviews. $150 including shipping costs and should have it back early next week. They have a 90 day warranty for their work and say they great success with vibrants even without having the lock code included. Can't wait to get my vibrant back. Would cost me over 100 more if I had to replace the phone. Will keep you posted
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Heard from JetCityDevices and Vibrant fixed today and will be on it's way back to me tomorrow. Should be here by Thursday afternoon. It is being sent express delivery (included in my payment to them, with signature required so my poor vibrant doesn't get legs once it arrives) They tell me it is in perfect working order, am so excited.. hate this remedial phone I have had to use as a substitute.
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