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Samsung-VZW-Note: What's up?


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Nov 28, 2009
Like many of you, I started coming to this site in Sept 2011 or earlier and got hooked on the Note concept. I check in here and a few other sites at least once or twice a day since then, waiting for some news about a 5.3 inch phone on VZW.

Besides how compelled we feel to have it in our hands, aren't you all fascinated by the process, the secrecy, the potential new directions in both hardware and software, and even what Apple will do in competition to the Note2/Journal/Scribe (my name).

If I were Apple, I would produce two phones in the 5 category, a 4 incher and a 5.4 incher (with exhangeable batteries).

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at Samsung, VZW and Apple while this mini-moment in phone evolution could be going on? Not only size but to have a phone that acts crisply like a laptop using good wifi is something I crave after coming from the BB Storm 2.

I am surprised that noboy's gotten in to find out what is going on. If Samsung and VZW were forthcoming with info, would that have a negative affect on sales or a positive effect due to a great deal more trust?

One thing I do want after waiting all this time and now have to pay a %$^ing $30 upgrade fee, is an Exynos quad core processor and ICS. Anything less I consider as disloyal from VZW.



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