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Samsung XCover2 weird problem


Jan 6, 2022
Anyone knows this problem?
Phone has worked flawlessly before. After recharging & startup shows this (see pic) seems factory reseted, everything wiped, asks for software update, weird tech spec reading comes up. No Internet connection (although SIM card OK and I also got a new one to be sure), but I can connect to a network so phone seems to work. Tried also factory reset, no difference, same startup.
In factory reset, it says:
E: failed to mount /efs (invalid argument)
Also noted: SAMSUNG-logo stays much longer


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Appreciated. I could try that stock ROM reflash if it's otherwise dead anyway, rather than just buy a new one.
You know if it's a easy process?
do you have usb debugging enabled? if so you can try flashing a firmware update. you can get the firmware here:https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/

instructions on how to flash the firmware will on the site.
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