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Help Says my SD Card is Damaged


Apr 12, 2012
My phone froze, and so I held the power button and it restarted. Upon restarting, it is telling me that my SD card is damaged and I need to reformat it. I really don't want to lose all my pictures, so does anyone know if there is anything else I can do? Also, at the same time all of this happened, it texted people old texts that I had send up to a couple of weeks ago. I can see that it sent it when I am in the general messages section, but when I go into the actual thread, the message disappears and I can't tell that it sent anything on its own. I hope this makes sense because I'm not sure how else to describe the issue. Anyways, does anyone know what is going on, and if so, is there any way I can fix this problem without reformatting the card? Also, if you can't tell, I am not a very tech-y person, so lam-en's terms are much appreciated! Thanks!
Bummer... I will try to help if I can.

SD Card - Just because the phone says it cannot read it does not mean it is gone.

Take the card out and put it in a another full size SD card which has the little mini hole for micro SD cards. Then stick that in your computer and see what happens. You should normally be able to see your files. - You can get one of these SD cards for just a couple of dollars if you do not have one.

Did you have Google Plus running on your phone? The Google + program backs up all your photos to the cloud in a private folder if you had that setup.

I suggest you restore the phone. It is all glitchy sounding and the best bet would be a restore just to be safe. You will loose your data though... Contacts and Apps will be okay as you get those back by signing into your google account again.

Did you root or ROM your phone?

How long ago did you get your phone? Warranty?

If not then I can help you with directions for a restore. This is for the phone and not the SD Card. You can still get your data off the card if it is not broken as the phone thinks.

Let me know...
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I had the same problem with the SD card happen to me. I didn't have the texting issue though - that could be unrelated to your SD card troubles. I have a stock Charge which I had put a PNY 32 GB Class 10 card in. It worked fine for a month until it said it was "damaged". Putting it in my computer, I found it was unreadable and all my data was lost. I had backed up about a week prior so I didn't lose much. After reformatting it, things were fine until a few weeks later when it did it again. So, I contacted PNY and RMA'd the card.

My replacement card has been working for a few months now without issue. I assume it was just a bad card I had before. I highly recommend signing up for DropBox or some other cloud storage (or Google+ like kraisydave suggested). DropBox automatically uploads my photos and videos as soon as I take them so I don't have to worry anymore about my SD card failing.
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