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Help scheduling network disable


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Jun 3, 2011
Can't find the answer here.
My phone seems to lose network access on schedule.
M-F 8-5 (times are estimates), wifi works great.
All other times wifi access is nonexistant or rare.
I've searched every place I can find on the phone for a 'scheduled disable' option but found none. Wifi signal strength during the disabled times is good to excellent. My wife's iPhone and my laptop can access wifi in the 'disabled' hours but the Atrix can't.
Often (not always, usually in the morning), I've found if I go to Settings>WiFi Settings>WiFi Network>WiFi Networks, the wifi network is disabled. Have no idea why.
Apps shown as running on the Atrix - Bluetooth Firewall, Executive Assistant, JuiceDefender (used to disable ATT network), Norton Security, PocketInformant, Sound Manager, ZDBox.
How do I prevent the wifi network from losing access?
I'm a very newbie user to Android, but i actually put in a little effort to determine if there is such a app or native setting configuration for the Atrix for scheduling WiFi power on/off.

But to try to understand your issue a little better...
when you say it works fine 8p-5p... where are you? at work?
and when you say wifi doesn't work... are you still at work? at home? a internet/hotspot/cafe?

at the moment, I'm wondering if the wireless router you might have at home has firewall setup to prevent your phone from connecting automatically.

as for the <entering IP manually>, again, I'm newb to much of this, but trying to sort things out, I'm guessing the router you're connecting to is setup to provide static IP ports to specific devices (another form of router security vs. WPA/security password on router)....

you might need to edit some firewall config's or settings on your router at home.

If you're experiencing the 8-5p works great while at work, and then all of the sudden around 5pm your phone starts to shut the WiFi off, then I would guess that you have some sort of battery saver that shuts WiFi off in attempt to save battery. My assumption here is that through your 8-5p work day, your phone battery has drained, and the "battery life saver" is shutting off unnecessary consumption....

anyway... good luck!
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