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Help School Me On Customization

Bedroom Eyes

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May 10, 2011
So with the removal of the ICS update for the Desire HD, I've started to look into another way of customizing my phone's look without rooting. This is going to have to be through widgets and launchers. However, I'm very unfamiliar with the topic as all I know about are widgets; I've never used a launcher, custom icons, etc.

I'm mostly just bored of the look of my phone, I run it stock and with pretty much just basic homescreen and lockscreen, but I'd like to make it a little fancier. So I was wondering if someone could maybe post some pictures and some app names/launchers that would be go for doing this? Maybe teach me some background info on launchers as well?

It would be great if you accepted to update your phone to ICS manually, then you will be able to use my favorite launcher which is:
Nova Launcher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher

Anyways here are some good launchers for 2.x:

Go launcher X:
Requires 2.0 and up

Launcher 7

Requires 2.1 and up

Regina 3D lancher
Requires 2.1 and up

Images from:
Best homescreen launcher apps for Android

If you need help with any specific launcher write a new post and PM me the link I will answer your post the best I can.
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Although this is a screenshot of my galaxy note, i can achieve this on my old desire hd if i wanted too.


I use go launcher. For the clock, i used Minimalistic, wetaher widget is Beautiful Widgets, and for the text icons i used Simple Text. Just go for it and start customizing! If you don't like it, can always go back to what it was like before etc.
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Launchers are mostly free, give them all a try and decide which you like the most.

I like go launcher a lot, but many people swear by launcher pro. Holo launcher provides an ICS like experience. It's almost the same as nova, bit for 2.2 above:thumbup:

Why no root? I have the inspire 4g and ace hack kit is pretty easy to run. If you have issues there's plenty of people and a dedicated chat room to help.
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I'm not wanting to delve into the realm of rooting as I feel like it's too far gone for me right now. Anyway, besides the wallpaper and apps, this is what my home screen has been from the beginning.

Just downloaded Go Launcher EX, thinking about getting WidgetLocker as well, but we'll see. Anyway, gonna post a screenshot when I'm done toying for a while.
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So here's my progress so far. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it'll do until I can figure out more. My main concerns right now are getting a Settings widget like the Sense one, and a music player that displays album art.
Before and After:






Lockscreen was changed from Sense 2.3 to ICS version.
Downloaded Beautiful Widgets and WidgetLocker.
Used Go Launcher EX For launcher, Metrostation Icons for icons, Launcher Notifications.
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So I "made a theme" that I'm fond of, and kinda proud of how it turned out!

Here's my final result.. for now:






Glad I could finally get my phone down to under 5 homescreens, the default 7 on stock was annoying and just wasteful for me.

Edit: If anyone wants to know the apps I used, let me know. There were only 4 or 5 I think?
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Sorry to revive an old thread, I'm looking for themes/icon packs that will work with Go Launcher EX that have a Facebook logo that is similar to the stock one, just slightly larger. I've been re-editing my phone's appearance and all the apps have slightly larger icons than the Facebook one.

Also, all the themes I've tried so far have ugly/small Facebook icons :p
I'll probably re-upload my new design after I get it finished, for critiquing of course. (There's colours I'm not sure work with everything right now)
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