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Help Screen / App problem I cant solve


Aug 9, 2012
Im new to the experia s but getting the hang of it allright, today I was installing a few apps and exploring my phone now on all screens at the top of the screen theres a grey bar with the following co-ordinates
p: 0/1 dx: 10.0 dy: 0.0 xy: 0.0 yy: 0.0 prs: 0.22 size: 0.16

these refer to the crosshairs that apear from touch with vert and horizontal green lines, so in effect the co-ordinates of where your touching the screen show numerically at the top of the screen.

I hate this but cant find how to get rid of it and / or what it is a part off?

Help, I have tried uninstalling all recent apps and stopping different things in the task manager app but all to no avail.
any sugestions would be appreciated.


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